Coffee makes the world go around

Cup of Joe, Dirt, Java, Jitter Juice Liquid Energy, Rocket Fuel or just plain Coffee, what ever you choose to call it, us Brits love the stuff. Drinking approximately 55 million cups of coffee per that is a lot of coffee.

As well as that, a massive 61% of us Brits prefer coffee to tea. Are you one of that 61% or do you know somebody who is? We have a great range for coffee lovers out there, from cappuccino cups to our espresso mugs. Our regular mug sit's perfectly on our Nespresso Inissia & Aeroccino 3 Coffee Machine , so if you know sombody wanting one for Christmas why not add our regular mug to your gift and have it personalised.

We have designs to suit both men and women and everything we make is handmade by us and made in England so you know you are supporting a UK independent company. So all you need to think about is what coffee will you be drinking, a latte, cappuccino, espresso, black coffee or even a mach-frappa-cino with extra cream.

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