Sustainability with style

We are very excited to be working with All Green, a company that specialises in food waste recycling products and as we are are all aware by now, the planet is in need of everyone’s help because it is not the responsibility of ONE person or country alone, we all have our part to play in taking care of it. We were sent the brief and product specs to create for them a ceramic compost caddie, some with our existing designs (see below).

The caddies are not only for aesthetic reasons but are fully practical too,
each lid contains holes to let the caddy breath and includes a carbon filter to help keep odours to a minimum. So who is All Green and what do they do?

Well, here is a brief introduction to who they are and what they stand for.

The All Green team

At All-Green we are dedicated to products that are kind to the environment so we can help customers live a sustainable life. Specialising in food waste recycling, we have taken home composting to another level. Offering a wide range of beautiful food caddies that you do not want to hide in a cupboard – these caddies deserve to take pride of place on your worktop for everyone to see.
Peregrine Pottery produces beautiful designs that all of us here fell in love with. Therefore, we knew we had to produce a new range of ceramic caddies with an array of gorgeous prints to match their collections and we couldn’t be more delighted with them!
Alongside our caddies we have an extensive choice of environmentally friendly products for your home and family, helping to eliminate any products that could be damaging our planet. We are continuing to expand our range, so be sure to keep an eye out and have a browse so you too can start living an #allgreenlife.

The company helps support both the environment and the U.K economy by sourcing British made products and each product is hand-picked and tested to make sure they deliver quality. Due to the product being a bespoke design from All Green they were very happy to support us here at Peregrine Pottery and include our product literature inside each caddy 🙂

As a company, we try our best to keep our footprint reduced. Our pottery unit is very local to where we live, we use unleaded glaze which does not leech into the environment and our packaging filler is made from cornstarch and is 100% bio-degradable. We still have improvements to make but until they can make a more efficient replacement for things such as bubble-wrap we must keep using it to keep your orders protected to a high standard.

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